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Anglers of Honor is dedicated to sharing world-class, therapeutic fly fishing experiences with military veterans and other individuals with physical and mental disabilities and their families.


Restoring physical function and mental wellness can be extraordinarily difficult for the injured and their caregivers. Throughout these arduous and ongoing processes, it is vitally important to draw people out of isolation and into communities offering encouragement, friendship, hope — and even some adventure.
Anglers of Honor is humbled to assist people who have an array of physical and mental disabilities and their families. Fly fishing has been shown to be a profoundly therapeutic tool for promoting physical and mental health.


Anglers of Honor provides accessible and therapeutic fishing experiences to:

  • military veterans with physical disabilities and mental health challenges and their family members. We aid in their acclimation to life after active duty.
  • people suffering from spinal cord and traumatic brain injury.

Through the Anglers of Honor program, participants and their families learn the basics of fly fishing, which they get to put to immediate use on premier, private fly fishing waters that have been restored to allow access for people with disabilities.

Our nonprofit organization is part of a larger alliance of entities with complementary missions to serve veterans and other people with disabilities and their family members. This alliance, which provides nearly 100 outings each year, is managed by the River Deep Foundation. We invite you to learn more about Anglers of Honor’s impact in the Foundation’s annual report.

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Fly Fishing with Anglers of Honor at Lincoln Hills – May 2017
Trac Chairs allow accessibility to outdoor activities!
May 26th, 2017 AOH
Channel 7 Segment



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