Robert F. Smith

Founder of Anglers of Honor

Robert F. Smith

Robert F. Smith was introduced to the majesty and tranquility of the Colorado wilderness as a child by his family who have lived in and explored the state for four generations. For Smith, spending time outdoors with his parents helped him to realize vital family connections and his sense of place in the world. Smith is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, a leading global investment firm investing exclusively in enterprise software, data and technology-enabled businesses.

Many Angler’s of Honor events take place in the Lincoln Hills watershed. As a co-founder of Lincoln Hills Cares Foundation, Smith helps to preserve not only the area’s tradition of inclusivity, but also to protect the spot as an oasis for Denver-area urban residents seeking a natural respite for generations to come.

Smith’s connections to Colorado run deep and continue to inspire his philanthropic outreach and devotion to giving back to the community. One of the four tenets of the Fund II Foundation, which Smith serves as founding director and President, is the preservation and accessibility of the environment and promotion of outdoor education. Smith understands the benefits to health and wellbeing the natural world can bring to all people regardless of age, ability, race or background. That’s why Smith is an avid supporter of Anglers of Honor, providing therapeutic fly fishing experiences to U.S. veterans.

Robert F. Smith: Environmental Preservation and Education

Smith’s philanthropic efforts are focused across a variety of sectors with the environment and education being at the forefront of his giving. Smith joined leading CEOs in signing the Business Roundtable’s recommendation that the U.S. innovate to get ahead of climate change. He aided the Trail Foundation in Austin, Texas, in their drive to preserve a cherished city trail. Smith brought outdoor education to Morehouse College with a gift enabling the school to purchase land for a park. And Smith’s focus on STEM education acknowledges his engineering background while looking to the innovative, inclusive solutions he hopes his contributions will bring to science and technology to create a better world.

Smith’s vision and influence is felt through his leadership of Vista, which encourages its companies to support community initiatives in their employees’ neighborhoods. Vista empowers communities through supporting nonprofit organizations such as Anglers of Honor. Vista, with a handful of its Denver companies, helped sponsor a STEM-style SmartLab for students in a neighborhood with few resources. Smith’s donations, to his alma mater, Cornell University, and to Student Freedom Initiative, a nonprofit independent of educational institutions, are part of his vision of an inclusive and diverse future.

Find out more about Anglers of Honor events and resources available for individuals and families at all levels of cognitive and physical ability.

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