August 20, 2022

Hosted by: River Deep Foundation
Location: Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club- Black Hawk, CO
Participants: Craig Hospital, VA, Operation TBI Freedom, Ft. Carson SRU

The fishing report for the day’s outing was excellent and we have a group of enthusiastic participants! Many are new to fly fishing so we started by going over the fundamentals with the expert staff from Front Range Anglers. Afterward, we went to the stream, put on waders and paired up with guides. Those who were fishing the pond from the wheelchair accessible dock also received gear and guides. Everyone had success landing a few trout. A notable part of the day was the presence of a young moose resting nearby. We very quietly alerted to everyone to it’s presence and went about our day so as to not agitate the mother moose who was nearby. After the morning of fishing we gathered on the deck of the eco center and for a BBQ lunch. It’s been a restful, inspiring day in nature, thanks to Lincoln Hills, Front Range Angers and all the volunteers and participating organizations.

For more information, contact Bob Adwar, 303.881.0400

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