Lincoln Hills – October 7th, 2017

October 7, 2017
Location: Lincoln Hills, Blackhawk , CO
Hosted by: SCI HOP and River Deep Alliance
Participants: Operation TBI Freedom, Craig Hospital, Ft Carson WTB Fly fishing instruction, Fly Fishing and Lunch

It’s the last fishing outing of the year and we are lucky to have a sunny day and warm temperatures that are perfect for fishing the river and ponds. The snow will be here in a few days so our timing is spot on. We have a big group of Craig Hospital patient, Veterans from Operation TBI Freedom and active duty soldiers from Fort Carson’s Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB), about 40 participants in all. We start with fly fishing instruction from the expert Anglers of Honor program guides. It’s then time to put our waders on, grab gear and pair up with the guides. Some will be fishing the river and others the ponds. The hook ups begin and the trout are long and fat so it requires delicate retrieves or the fish will break off. We still do manage to pull some monsters into the nets. It’s almost 1 o’clock so we all gather at the clubhouse deck for some Italian food and “fish talk”. As always, there are smiles all around…what a fantastic day. We have a brief talk about the programs we provide all year ‘round. Cpt. Napolitano delivers some moving words about this America and why we fight. A big thanks to all the organizations, guides, volunteers and everyone who makes these outings possible.
Bob Adwar, SCI HOP, Chairman

River Deep, President

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